Costa and how I’m a walking billboard

I’ve been told before that people literally see the red brown of Costa and automatically think of me. People literally associate me with the trademark colour because I’m just that damn obsessed. My hair is even the same colour sometimes (I associate the colour with good vibes myself). It’s even a vital part of my outfits as you can see above dear reader

I’d say that I pretty much uphold Costa as a business due to how much I provide them to the extent that they don’t need advertising…they just need me. There’s even one outside my uni and I’ll be damned if I don’t get my vanilla latte every Friday to get me through the day. Honestly I’m obsessed and it’s not even a problem to encompass that particular white girl stereotype! Even my perfect date includes coffee at some point, it’s Costa or nothing friends. Provide a coffee? Instant friend. It doesn’t take a lot truly.

As far as addictions go I’d say Costa coffee is a pretty good one to have…what do you think?


Tourist Time

I’ve lived on the edge of London for my entire life so often I take the touristy places for granted. Ask any life long resident from London about the best tourist destinations and I assure you they probably haven’t been there because you never have to be a tourist in your own city. A friend […]

London Cat Village 

Not long ago now me and two of my housemates took a lil’ trip down to Shoreditch to visit the London Cat Village one of London’s cat cafes.

Let me tell you this was possibly the cutest experience of my life. You’re welcomed by an array of rare breeds and a  pair of slippers to wear around the place with some zen as it gets music while you nibble on cakes and have some tea (or rather try and keep it away from the cats). Despite the place being filled with kitties it’s extremely clean and the food tastes great to boot.

As you can see I became mother cat to the resident American Curl there who happily rolled over in my arms and swooned over how damn cute and fluffy the thing was and my housemate (ironically named Cat)  had another cute critter climb into her lap and hide in her scarf. ADORABLE.

As a frequent pet owner and lover of animals this was perfect for me who was feeling pretty pet deprived as I can’t actually own animals on the house I stay in. Seems that I’ll need regular visits to keep myself soothed.

100/10 would visit again and potentially become a permanent resident crazy cat lady