Tourist Time

I’ve lived on the edge of London for my entire life so often I take the touristy places for granted. Ask any life long resident from London about the best tourist destinations and I assure you they probably haven’t been there because you never have to be a tourist in your own city.

A friend of mine from Manchester came to visit for the first time unescorted and I felt this to be the perfect time to put my navigational skills to the test and lead a tour of some of the most well known landmarks in the city.

Over the span of 3 days we walked the entirety of central line’s zone 1 and walked all the way from Stratford to Queensway. For whatever reason I felt the best place to start would be St. Paul’s and from there we travelled to millennium bridge all along south bank to see Tower Bridge and other landmarks along the way to walk across. We then moved on to Monument to Westminster and Buckingham palace and from there we moved to Trafalgar Square, Soho, China Town, Piccadilly and Oxford Street.

For the second day we travelled around Liverpool Street and Spitalfields to visit the old markets as well as Brick Lane to see if we would snag ourselves anything special while going on a street art hunt. Finally we ended our adventure in Camden traversing the markets there and enjoying a drink on the local spoons on the river. All the while I must’ve drank 1000mg worth of caffeine (slight issue no worries) in Costa because travelling London is bloody exhausting trying to fit everything into a few days.

Finally we had a relaxing day walking through various parks in London to see all the different memorials and have a little peak into South Ken to find the museums were an entire 2 hour wait which we couldn’t afford to waste.

It’s weird because I’m so lucky to live in London but because my lifestyle at uni and work is just so busy I never take the time out to appreciate the wonderful city full of culture and I really need to smell the roses (smog) a bit more


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