My friend Ellie directed  me to this app on the Apple AppStore –  the basis of it is that you record 1 second of your day every day (or in my case, use live photos too because the iPhone 6S live photos are gifts from God) so that you have a calendar full of video memories.

I immediately fell in love with this app the minute I got it as my life certainly isn’t a jam packed as it would need to be if I was a full on vlogger so this is perfect for me. I find these little videos hilariously quirky and a great way to share my month with people I never see in an easy to focus on format and without taking too much of their time.

Now I will be the first to say that I completely screwed up April by not filming everything horizontally (ie using live photos from the day when I forgot to film) but because I enjoyed it so much I’m going to endeavour to film something every day – which will also encourage me to film something interesting or search for something to film to fill my day. Of course you can cheat and add videos from other days – of which I will try to limit myself because let’s face it, no one’s days are all thrilling are they?

Hope you enjoy my April


Gossip Girl


The Berlin Wall

I went to Berlin with my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary last week for 5 days and I practically fell in love all over again…with the city!

Now I promise that I will upload more content about my trip there as we did so much and there was so much to see but for now I just wanted to share this time lapse that I took while walking along east side gallery which is the site of the largest stretch of remains left of the Berlin Wall.

Walking beside the wall really got me thinking about the way people back in the day would have felt about this huge barrier and how for some perhaps walking where I was would have felt complete normal to them. It sure was an incredibly strange feeling and I recommend this particular journey for anyone who has the time in Berlin as it really was thought provoking and the art was both controversial and breath taking l.


Who would have thought that after a long time of lusting after a single pair of DM’s that I would soon be working for them.

1 pair of Greenland 1461’s lead to another and another and another until I reached my current total of 6 pairs…oops. Not that I’m complaining honestly they’re the best shoes (only shoes) I own nowadays. I am in a committed relationship with Docs… any other brand would feel like cheating when I have such a wide variety to pick from!

Versatility is key when it comes to my choice – wearing jeans all the time is great but sometimes I fancy a dress and I need shoes and boots that will suit all fashion and that’s why these boots/shoes are perfect for me. I feel like docs are the kind of shoe that allow you to dress them up or down and I’ll be damned if I don’t try and style them for a dress at my brothers wedding.

Without a doubt this isn’t the end to my collection, simply the beginning of packing out my wardrobe with boots.

Imaged: Pascal Silver Alumix, Dante Black, 1460 Black Maracaibo, Made In England Pascal Black (and 1460 Black Patent), 1460 Green, 1462 Greenland.