Who would have thought that after a long time of lusting after a single pair of DM’s that I would soon be working for them.

1 pair of Greenland 1461’s lead to another and another and another until I reached my current total of 6 pairs…oops. Not that I’m complaining honestly they’re the best shoes (only shoes) I own nowadays. I am in a committed relationship with Docs… any other brand would feel like cheating when I have such a wide variety to pick from!

Versatility is key when it comes to my choice – wearing jeans all the time is great but sometimes I fancy a dress and I need shoes and boots that will suit all fashion and that’s why these boots/shoes are perfect for me. I feel like docs are the kind of shoe that allow you to dress them up or down and I’ll be damned if I don’t try and style them for a dress at my brothers wedding.

Without a doubt this isn’t the end to my collection, simply the beginning of packing out my wardrobe with boots.

Imaged: Pascal Silver Alumix, Dante Black, 1460 Black Maracaibo, Made In England Pascal Black (and 1460 Black Patent), 1460 Green, 1462 Greenland.


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