My friend Ellie directed  me to this app on the Apple AppStore –  the basis of it is that you record 1 second of your day every day (or in my case, use live photos too because the iPhone 6S live photos are gifts from God) so that you have a calendar full of video memories.

I immediately fell in love with this app the minute I got it as my life certainly isn’t a jam packed as it would need to be if I was a full on vlogger so this is perfect for me. I find these little videos hilariously quirky and a great way to share my month with people I never see in an easy to focus on format and without taking too much of their time.

Now I will be the first to say that I completely screwed up April by not filming everything horizontally (ie using live photos from the day when I forgot to film) but because I enjoyed it so much I’m going to endeavour to film something every day – which will also encourage me to film something interesting or search for something to film to fill my day. Of course you can cheat and add videos from other days – of which I will try to limit myself because let’s face it, no one’s days are all thrilling are they?

Hope you enjoy my April


Gossip Girl


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