#maywedraw ONE


For May I’m taking part in an art challenge called #maywedrawdaily so I can get some practise going before I enter into an illustrative project alongside my animation.

I’ve always been intrigued by print art and gouache painting so I headed down today to my favourite art store (CassArt) to pick up some Indian ink refillable pens and some gouache paint! The employees were helpful as ever and I was soon on my way to Costa to get my drawing on as this hashtag was the perfect excuse.

The hashtag itself is set up by an artist called Audraauclair on Instagram and the aim of the challenge is to draw or paint something in your sketchbook every day of May. It’s free for anyone to join in so I suggest if you’re stuck on motivation to do something then this is perfect! I missed two days but it’s never too late to join in!


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