#maywedraw THREE


I’m already a day behind due to a hectic day but I’ll be damned if I don’t catch up. Today was a bit more practise with ink and goauche and I’m super pleased with the result! I think it’s a good example of a good sketch, bad lineart resurrection situation if I’m honest.

I find myself often really liking my sketches and REALLY hating my line art if I do it and ultimately scrapping a lot of paintings and drawings however in the spirit of this challenge I simply stepped away from my drawing and came back to it. I must give credit where it’s due as well, goauche is fast becoming a favourite medium due to how easy it is to fix things with? I hated this lineart…now it’s great! And I just really love the quality of the paint and how it dries darker which really helps with adding highlights. I highly recommend it!


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