#maywedraw FIVE



Digital drawing has always been a passion of mine which I had to unfortunately neglect due to A-Level Fine Art…however I’m back on track! As an Animator, I think it’s really important to start honing skills like this to better my digital creations and really start experimenting in recreating my traditional style in Photoshop as it’s something I really never even begun to get the hang of.

This challenge is something I really began to aid a potential upcoming project which will require a lot of illustrations and digital editing which will really put my skills and patience to the test. I didn’t want to jump in blind so every day I’m trying to improve something different.

Personally, I’ve always leant towards the scruffy styles as my hand just does not allow a first come clean line! However that’s the point, this is practise to make me clean up my lines because I can never sell any digital prints if they all look like awful line art (and let’s face it, colouring is so hard when your lineart isn’t clean!)


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