#maywedraw FIVE



Digital drawing has always been a passion of mine which I had to unfortunately neglect due to A-Level Fine Art…however I’m back on track! As an Animator, I think it’s really important to start honing skills like this to better my digital creations and really start experimenting in recreating my traditional style in Photoshop as it’s something I really never even begun to get the hang of.

This challenge is something I really began to aid a potential upcoming project which will require a lot of illustrations and digital editing which will really put my skills and patience to the test. I didn’t want to jump in blind so every day I’m trying to improve something different.

Personally, I’ve always leant towards the scruffy styles as my hand just does not allow a first come clean line! However that’s the point, this is practise to make me clean up my lines because I can never sell any digital prints if they all look like awful line art (and let’s face it, colouring is so hard when your lineart isn’t clean!)



Who would have thought that after a long time of lusting after a single pair of DM’s that I would soon be working for them.

1 pair of Greenland 1461’s lead to another and another and another until I reached my current total of 6 pairs…oops. Not that I’m complaining honestly they’re the best shoes (only shoes) I own nowadays. I am in a committed relationship with Docs… any other brand would feel like cheating when I have such a wide variety to pick from!

Versatility is key when it comes to my choice – wearing jeans all the time is great but sometimes I fancy a dress and I need shoes and boots that will suit all fashion and that’s why these boots/shoes are perfect for me. I feel like docs are the kind of shoe that allow you to dress them up or down and I’ll be damned if I don’t try and style them for a dress at my brothers wedding.

Without a doubt this isn’t the end to my collection, simply the beginning of packing out my wardrobe with boots.

Imaged: Pascal Silver Alumix, Dante Black, 1460 Black Maracaibo, Made In England Pascal Black (and 1460 Black Patent), 1460 Green, 1462 Greenland.

Costa and how I’m a walking billboard

I’ve been told before that people literally see the red brown of Costa and automatically think of me. People literally associate me with the trademark colour because I’m just that damn obsessed. My hair is even the same colour sometimes (I associate the colour with good vibes myself). It’s even a vital part of my outfits as you can see above dear reader

I’d say that I pretty much uphold Costa as a business due to how much I provide them to the extent that they don’t need advertising…they just need me. There’s even one outside my uni and I’ll be damned if I don’t get my vanilla latte every Friday to get me through the day. Honestly I’m obsessed and it’s not even a problem to encompass that particular white girl stereotype! Even my perfect date includes coffee at some point, it’s Costa or nothing friends. Provide a coffee? Instant friend. It doesn’t take a lot truly.

As far as addictions go I’d say Costa coffee is a pretty good one to have…what do you think?