(picture from Melanie Martinez’ twitter)

Around a month ago, my friend invited me to the crybaby tour show in Heaven, London and I quickly took the opportunity up as a relatively new fan of hers! Plus who could say no to a show in Heaven, that’s awesome!

Now, if you’re a fan like me, you’ll know that she’s known for her quirky songs and kooky set ups on stage and I was not disappointed at all! The stage was arranged like a nursery room and she came on dancing in what looked like a cute lolita style dress (I couldn’t get through all the hardcore fans to really get close enough).

As I listen to predominantly metal and rock, you can imagine I was pretty lost as to how to dance to this sort of music as it certainly wasn’t mosh suitable! I had to resign to belting out all the lyrics with the rest of the crowd as well as miming stupid actions to all of her songs with my friend and her brother who I attended with!

All in all, I would rate the experience 3.8/5 due to the fact I had to watch most of the show through other people desperately trying to get shaky footage of the show on their phones! However the audio was insanely good due to the club set up and I was more than entertained by her crazy dancing up on stage to care about the guy singing off tune in my ear!